Hello everyone, My name is Khairunnisa Sy. I’m the second year student at Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I want to tell you about my greatest experience in Taiwan and I hope I can inspire you to stay in Taiwan,too.  My student exchange Programme(SEP) start from 8th -30th July 2013. Thank you so much for my parents who allow and support me in this programme. I love them very much and never end.
For the first time I arrived Taiwan at 6th July 2013, I felt very afraid because this is my first experience go to abroad.  I flied from my country by myself and fortunedly I have Indonesian’s friend who pick me in Taoyuan airport. Thank you for him, Hafiz. He made my afraid decrease. The next day, I went to Kaohsiung by train. During my exchange I stayed in dormitory of Kaohsiung Medical University and doing my research in materia medica laboratory. In that lab, I met professor Chun-ching lin. I learned so many things from him. I’m so lucky because professor lin is the best and the kindest lecture. He always help me when I need help. I got many experience in his laboratory during my research about anti-virus for dengue virus.  I learned about how to grow the vero cells, passes that cells, infect vero cells, staining and count the viability of Chinese plant as anti dengue virus. In the lab, I have a friend. Her name is grace. Grace is so smart. Sometimes, my teacher, Tiffani or Ben using Chinese language for describe or explain something, then grace will translate it into English.sometimes, I  regret because of I didn’t learn Chinese before arrive in Taiwan. Actually, Chinese language is interesting. Fortunedly, my best roommate, Weini Yeoh from Singapore who always teach me about it. Now, I understand a few sentence in Chinese.
To tell the truth, my seighseing times in Taiwan are longer then my times in Lab. Taiwan is beautiful country. Everything in Taiwan made me excited. So many place that I have been there, lotus land, Houmogang, art pier-2 kaohsiung exhibition, cijin long island, red harbor, cultural center, Kaohsiung art museum, Kaohsiung harbor, love river, dream mall with Kaohsiung eye and many else. I always keep it my memories about it and about all kindness from my Taiwanese friend who always make me happy. I miss Janice, joanne, grace, cindy, Richard, meigy and others. Thank you so much for them, I never forget them.
The things that make me impress with Kaohsiung city are clean city, no children street, no very long traffic, no begglar, many kind people, MRT(Mass Rapid Transit), have many great place to go, and many delicious food. Kaohsiung city is the second biggest city after Taipei. It have good economic growth. For the weather, Kaohsiung is so hot in  summer and I know about taipon there. For food, I have no problem with it. I think all food in Taiwan is delicious. Someday, prof. Lin treated me in a restaurant for lunch. It is japanase food restaurant, it is call Tebayaki technic. The chef cook the food in front of us on the table. I never seen it before. Don’t ask about its taste, I cannot explain well. That is the most delicious food that I ever teste in Taiwan.
If we go to another country, our experience isn’t complete without story when we lost there. Someday, when I went to my professor’s house by MRT from Haoyi station to Formosa Boulevard station. But, I was wrong station. I don’t know the direction exactly. I look around that place, everything is strength. Then, I tried to walk in random road. When, I felt so tired then give up to walk more. I ask someone in some restaurant. I show her the professor’s address home from my camera. That women asked her friend. Then they looking for the address in map. After it, she said that its so far. I can’t walk by myself. So she ride her motorcycle with me went to that address. Finally, I arrived at my professor’s house. I felt greatfull to met her. One of Taiwanese people who very kind. I can’t imagine if I didn’t met her. I just can say Thank you for her, xie xie.
There weeks in Taiwan made me stronger. Thank you for PSA-Taiwan and BEM KM Farmasi UGM to give me this chance. Thank you for Professor Lin, All my friend  In Taiwan, Pharmacy UGM’s friend, PPSDMS’s Friends and supervisor,CCRC’s Family, and all people who help me to complete this exchange programme. Special for my parent who give me 100% support. I cannot success in this programme without all of them.
I was happy to following SEP in Taiwan, it was my best experience in 2013.

Khairunnisa SY
Pharmacy, Gadjah Mada University

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