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Let’s Reclaim Our Goals

Welcome 2018! Eventhough it is too late, but it is not a problem :D

Hai there, do you finish to manage your resolution for this year? Did you have write it done? I believe, everyone has dreams, no matter what, because dreams are something that will drive us to wake up in the morning with full of spirit. So, in the beginning of 2018, I hope you all keep trying to catch your dreams to become your reality.
But, do you already ensure that all of your dreams today will help you in hereafter? When you follow your dreams, please make sure that it will become your way to prepare the time when you meet your God, Allah SWT. You should walk into kindness path so that you will never regret when you aware that your time is finished.
Okey, let’s start to talk about goals. Let’s imagine about your goal, then ask yourself how you will treat them? Here, I will explain some way to open the dream’s gate to become reality.
Be the driver of your destiny The differences between driver and  passanger are w…