Menampilkan postingan dari Mei, 2016


I want to share my smile, but I can't always beside you
I want to share my hand for help, but I never know and never really understand what you need

so, what the things that I should share?
I want to share my story every time,
about where I go, what I get, Who I meet, and much more
My stories never ending
It's one thing that I can share

when you read my story, may I ask you one thing?
while you read my happiness you have to be happy
but, while you read my sadness, I never allow you to be sad

Bandung, 21 Mei 2015

My Second Poem

I never have any courage to post this poem before.

Someday, My virtual friend asked me to make a poem. I sent her two type of poem, the optimistic one and pessimistic other. The first already created become a song. That really makes me excited.

In another day, I asked her, "don't you want to make a song with my second poem?"

She answered, "It have been done. But It really becomes a sad song"

"why you don't send it to me?"

"Wait, till the right time :)"

This week, I will meet her for the first time in the real life. She promised me to sing a song from my second poem directly. Maybe I will cry...Not maybe, I will.

this is my second poem :

From Bandung, 17 Mei 2016.

Cats and Ice Cream Bandung

Long weekend in Mei 2016, I have not a plan to going out even with friends. I stayed in my dorm for three days to finish my task. Suddenly, While I scrolled my Instagram’s home, I was found a publicity about Cats and Ice Cream. Totally, it really makes me feel that I should go there. In Saturday night, when I met up with my friends in Al-lathiif mosque, Dian. Without any doubt, I asked her to accompany me to visit cats and Ice Cream in Sunday morning. Feeling glad because Dian accepted it.
So, In Sunday morning, I should pick up dian in Jalan Ahmad Yani Bandung. There is one thing that made me a little bit shocked. I can remember Dian dorm direction without GPS. Even though, I visited Dian there in 2 years ago. It’s nice I think, but it’s not important in this story.

OK, let’s back in line.

Dian and I went to Jalan Kanayakan no 13, Coblong, Bandung. The day going to rain, I ride my motorcycle faster. After 15 minutes, we arrived in that place. For the first time, we should choose one…


I am losing my words

I am losing my imaginations
I am losing my soul
But there are no tears because it will become sweet memories that I will remember the most
I never regret, I will smile in my sleep every night
I was grateful that I was ever found you in my life, I was met you in my journey
Someone who keeps his secret deeply because of the fear of Allah
I will learn everything from you and I know that you’re the special one
Hmm, no need to say goodbye because I will be there for always

Bandung, 04 Mei 2016