Cats and Ice Cream Bandung

Long weekend in Mei 2016, I have not a plan to going out even with friends. I stayed in my dorm for three days to finish my task. Suddenly, While I scrolled my Instagram’s home, I was found a publicity about Cats and Ice Cream. Totally, it really makes me feel that I should go there. In Saturday night, when I met up with my friends in Al-lathiif mosque, Dian. Without any doubt, I asked her to accompany me to visit cats and Ice Cream in Sunday morning. Feeling glad because Dian accepted it.
So, In Sunday morning, I should pick up dian in Jalan Ahmad Yani Bandung. There is one thing that made me a little bit shocked. I can remember Dian dorm direction without GPS. Even though, I visited Dian there in 2 years ago. It’s nice I think, but it’s not important in this story.

OK, let’s back in line.

Dian and I went to Jalan Kanayakan no 13, Coblong, Bandung. The day going to rain, I ride my motorcycle faster. After 15 minutes, we arrived in that place. For the first time, we should choose one Ice cream, I take taroo because I like it. Then, we should pay Rp50.000,00 for the ice creams and for one hour playing with the cats.
I open the door where the cats placed. But, I want to vomit. I don't know why the cats have a bad smell. I can stand in a minute. I tried to stand on, I suggest myself. “It will be okay, just wait your nose being desensitization”. I use my coat to close my nose. In the end, the bad smell was gone. Not gone actually, it just my nose cannot smell it again. Fuih...

Dian feels the same. but we didn't care about the bad smell. We decide to play with the cat. I choose the white one. This is my first time that I really close with the cat. Maybe, if my mom knows what I do, she will be angry. But it’s okay because the cat is healthy, I think.

To tell the truth, I never scare for a cat. I just always ignore them and didn't care for them. Huaa so cruel I am. Finally, I realize that we should love everything, including a cat. I realize it because of my friend teach me how to love a cat, and then when I learned something in a social project for children, there is a module about why we should love animals. Now, I promise to myself that I should love an animal especially a cat. The animal has a feeling too, they will be sad if we ignore.

forget about the bad smell, I was acquainted with the cats. There is British, Persian, Himalaya cat and much more.

oh yaa, I really like take a picture with them. All of them is so cute.
this is our picture :
With Dian and Monk and Cantik 

the cats here are really cute, their hobby is take a nap.
hmmm, but I feel sad because from their eyes it looks no hope :(
they look unhappy when I asked them to play together.

to sum up my story today, I enjoy to play with cats and not scare with them :)

Bandung, 09 Mei 2016

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