Let’s Reclaim Our Goals

Welcome 2018! Eventhough it is too late, but it is not a problem :D

Hai there, do you finish to manage your resolution for this year? Did you have write it done? I believe, everyone has dreams, no matter what, because dreams are something that will drive us to wake up in the morning with full of spirit. So, in the beginning of 2018, I hope you all keep trying to catch your dreams to become your reality.

But, do you already ensure that all of your dreams today will help you in hereafter? When you follow your dreams, please make sure that it will become your way to prepare the time when you meet your God, Allah SWT. You should walk into kindness path so that you will never regret when you aware that your time is finished.

Okey, let’s start to talk about goals. Let’s imagine about your goal, then ask yourself how you will treat them? Here, I will explain some way to open the dream’s gate to become reality.

Be the driver of your destiny
The differences between driver and  passanger are wide. When your build your dreams and your life goals, you must learn from what the driver is. Driver is the one who controlling where all the passanger go. Driver should understand about the destination. In addition, he should be creative to find the best route to reach it, avoid from traffic jams and can choose the fit desicions,then he must be aware with obstacle, never slept during the journey, and also he sould be skillfull.

So what you need to reach your goals are you should control your jouney, understand your destination, find the fastest route, be creative, be risk taker, manage your fear and obstacle, don’t sleep to much, but you need learn more and more and be skillfull.

Passanger should not do all of it, but he cannot put any effort. Just let everthing go. It could be good and it could be nothing.

Know yourself
Then try to analyse yourself. how capable you are? How long you can gain the goals? The tool which can be used is the SWOT analysis. It is the most simple and easy to accomplish. Determine your strengh, your weekness, threats, and find all of opportunity around you. Then, focus on your strengh, manage your weekness, conquer your threats, and gain your opportunity.

 Set the “SMART” goals
After you set the goals, please review it again. Is it already “SMART” enough? Specific, Measureable, Achieveabke, Realistic, and Time arrangement. Sometimes we have unrealistic goals and it is okay as long as we believe about it then we those thing never happen we will not allow ourself to regret.

“ O you who believed, if you support Allah, He will support you and plant firmly your feet”
(Muhammad 47 : 7)

Set your goals as your to reach jannah, set your goals to support Allah. Remember about the purpose of human creation. Allah ask us to be His servant and to be Khalifah in this universe.

 Pray with graceful
Pray is a moslem weapon which we used for come closer to Allah. Allah is the one who will arrange our best destiny. We can ask Him to give all the things, eventhough the something that we want not always be the best for us. Stay pray and lets Allah decide what the best for us. Umar bin khatab said, “ I am not afraid if my prayer will be granted or not by Allah because praying is my form of worship”. See? let’s learn from Umar bin Khatab.
So how the best way to pray? Firstly, praise Allah. Then, be gratefull for everything which offered by Him. So that, start your pray. Tell Him with your slow voice, put your heart, and convince with it.

Find your support system
Support system is important because we need positive atmosphere. We should collect and gratefull for everyone who support you, who give you spirit, and who make you believe on your own goals. They could be your parents, your husband/wife, your friends, your teacher, anyone. Let’s find them as soon as possible.

The last is.....

Allah sould be envolved in all of our life goals.
This is not negotiable. We should, we need, we must envolve Him.

One month already left you behind, so let’s do what you need to do, NOW!
See you on 31st December 2018.

P.S : This is a way for me to learn English, so all of your feedbacks is welcome. Let’s help me to improve. Thank you so much J

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